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History of the ISCPP

In the late 1960s, the University of Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky, USA), under the direction of Dean Klotter, investigated crime prevention programs that were being initiated in England. For the first time, Law Enforcement started looking at how to be proactive in fighting crime. The University felt that Law Enforcement was about the only profession that was totally reactive. Other professions, such as firemen, with fire prevention, doctors, with disease prevention and lawyers with legal advice, were all heavily involved in being proactive.

The University started the "National Crime Prevention Institute" (NCPI). They dedicated a section of their Shelbyville Campus and put on classes for Law Enforcement personnel to learn crime prevention. These 4 week long classes were attended by officers from around the world. In 1977, the University decided that crime prevention was an evolving entity that needed constant updating. So they started the “NCPI Alumni Association" and had yearly conferences to update the Practitioner. These conferences were held in Louisville, KY for the first three years. In 1979, the NCPI Alumni Association members decided to break away from NCPI and form their own organization. 

This organization became the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP). For over 40 years, the ISCPP has been the innovator in Crime Prevention programs and training.

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The ISCPP continues its global mission to contribute to the reduction and control of criminal opportunity and victimization as we follow our mission statement:

  • Encouraging crime prevention education and practice in public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • Supporting and guiding crime prevention programs and activities.
  • Aiding the development and establishment of crime prevention programs.
  • Responding to the needs of the crime prevention practitioner.
  • Stimulating the exchange of ideas among ISCPP members.

Even though many changes have taken place over the years, the ISCPP is proud to boast that our membership fee of $35.00 (U.S.D.) has not changed since it was set back in 1977. You are invited to join the network of proactive professionals to learn and share crime prevention methods. The ISCPP believes that prevention is everyone's responsibility and we encourage a team approach to crime prevention.  

The ISCPP is open to anyone who has an interest in preventing crime. 

Citizens, law enforcement and businesses must join together to help prevent crime.

 If you have any questions about the ISCPP, please contact us at (657) 888-ICPS [4277], email or use our Contact Form.

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